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Looking for affordable transmission or auto repair shop in the Dallas area? Looking for a mechanic to handle your regular Nissan service? You’ve found it.
Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair is 100% family owned. We’ve been in business at the same location since 1979 — obviously we do things right.

Nissan Transmission Services

Todays cars are incredibly complex, and new designs have the potential for problems that turn up only after manufacturing and several years of consumer use.
That’s the case for many 2004 through 2007 Nissan models. If you own a Nissan vehicle made in these years it’s doubly important to have your transmission checked and serviced regularly. Pathfinder, Xterra, and Frontier models are prone to having coolant leak into the transmission, leading to failure at about 90,000 miles. Regular inspection could avoid some major bills. Maxima models made in these years are also know to exhibit jerking when shifting. Again, if this isn’t taken care of it could lead to full-blown transmission failure. Additionally, 2013 Altimas sometimes exhibit transmission vibration or shutter that needs to be corrected.
There are various indications of transmission problems, but each can be the result of completely different causes. Some symptoms include: fluid leaks (typically reddish in color) in spots other than where the motor is located, insufficient response or hesitation, unusual noises, shaking, or burning smells. Left untreated these symptoms can develop into extensive damage.
Allstate Transmissions is a proud member of ATRA, a 2,000 member group of the nation’s best independent transmission shops. We maintain the highest ethical and technical standards, and the ATRA Golden Guideline Warranty means in-warranty repairs can be handled just about anywhere in the country.

Nissan Brake Services

Although no major problems with Nissan braking systems have been reported, 2013 Altimas do appear to have issues with brake squeal.
Allstate Transmissions and Auto Repair is also your local brake professionals. Our 30-point inspection includes the braking system, and we can look after adjustments, pads, drums, rotors, the master cylinder, and power braking systems. In the event that you experience anything unusual when you apply the brakes, give us a call right away for safety’s sake and to avoid big auto bills later.

Other Nissan Repairs

Here are a few other common repairs. The 2005 Sentra has a higher than usual reporting of blown head gaskets, and the 2005 Altima has developed a bit of a reputation for excessive oil use and engine shutdown due to sensor failure. The 2013 Altima also has more than the usual reports of power steering problems. All of these can be repaired and fully corrected.

Nissan Suspension Repair

A suspension in need of repair affects handling, and can lead to loss of control of one’s vehicle on extreme braking, sharp turns, or potholes. Few general repair shops are properly equipped and also have the experience to care for suspension complications. We’re the professional trustworthy team in Dallas.

Nissan Factory Scheduled Maintenance

In addition to general automotive repair, we’re experienced in preventive maintenance including oil changes, tune ups, and other scheduled Nissan maintenance items.
If your check-engine light comes just drop by, on and we’ll scan it… free of charge.
Today’s automobiles have complex computer systems and electrical methods. We’re built with the latest test and diagnostic tools. Unlike some mechanics, we don’t merely keep replacing things until the problem goes away. Allstate stays up-to-date on the equipment and skills necessary to handle all of your maintenance needs.

Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair

Our technicians are highly trained on Asian, German, and American vehicles and ASE certified. We’re ready to take care of your Nissan and other family vehicles.
We have the know-how required to go from test-equipment results to identifying and correcting the actual problem without going through a lot of dead ends. If your car has multiple problems, we have the knowledge and experience needed to prioritize your needs based on safety and avoiding potential future expenses.
We also offer an EZ financing plan. With just a debit card we are able to arrange an easy monthly payment plan.
Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair offers free towing for major Nissan repairs within a 50 mile radius of our location near Dallas. We’ve an after-hours drop-off box for your convenience, and during business hours we’re happy to provide a lift to your home or office.

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