Tim B.Tim B.

I have had several cars worked on by Bill and always enjoyed the experience. They will give you all the information needed to make an informed, realistic... Read More

Eddie H.Eddie H.

Good, honest folks. They work hard to make sure your vehicle is in good order. Bill is upfront and makes sure his staff treats you with respect and that... Read More

Arryel SolizArryel Soliz

My husband and I had our truck taken in and we got it back and a very reasonable price. The truck is fixed and is working like new. The staff at the shop were all very kind and knowledgeable on what needed to be completed. We will definitely be going back to this shop in the future for any of our cars. Would definitely recommend.

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Sandra OttSandra Ott

First time visiting, I had to get my tires aligned on my Malibu. I was very impressed with the friendly staff. I tried to call at first, but I hung up before anyone answered, and to my surprise, someone by the name of Richard called me back to see if he could help. Don was very funny and helpful. The company staff was very nice and the place was clean and relaxing. I was surprised when the owner, Bill reached out to me, to make sure everything went well. Thank you very much. I will highly recommend your company to anyone that needs work on their car.

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Kelly DavisKelly Davis

I brought my truck in not sure what the problem was-Charles took the time to look the truck over and show me exactly what was going on. He explained everything I needed to do. The next day he fixed my vehicle and I could not be happier with the results!
Thank you Charles, Don, and Rich for helping me with everything!

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Rubin BrooksRubin Brooks

Took my car there because I thought it was leaking transmission fluid and it was riding rough. I explained what was happening to Rich he advised me if what their diagnosing process was and shuttle and loaner car options were if I needed them. I left my car in his hands and around noon I got the news on what was wrong. He told me it would be a couple of days to get it completed. When I got my car back I was expecting it to run like before I noticed the issue. To my surprise it ran even better!!! I bought the car 3 years ago and I promise it hasn't ran better. I called him to let him know how impressed I was with their service and professionalism and that they have earned a new customer. I highly recommend them. I would write more to explain why but its not needed these guys are great you can trust them with your vehicle.

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A BrunerA Bruner

Very happy with the service from Rich and the work done to fix my transmission. Had it for a week and hauled a camper and great so far. Nice to have the three test warranty too.

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B Calli

Great courtesy, over whelming performance. Recommendation is an absolute. Does great work- Appreciate the exceptional customer service.

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Rache Chin

Great! Awesome, Honest and really saved me a lot of money! Thank you!!

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Kri Harve

Mr. Bobby Campbell communicated with me so well and did an excellent job with my car.

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Lori Jolly

Excellent experience at Allstate Transmissions. Bobby was the point of contact- he was very informative, communicated with the insurance company and they had the car ready (complete transmission rebuild) in MUCH less time than I was expecting. Highly recommend!

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Kyle Hercules

I bought a car through a car auction, and it was only after i had paid for it that i got to drive it to see the acceleration of the vehicle. it was obvious that some work needed to be done on it, so I took it to a dealership as well as a garage that a friend of mine referred to me. Both of those locations told me of the same two issues: oxygen sensor and catalytic converter. Both places quoted me exorbitant amounts that i would not be able to pay for on just one pay check. I would need to be able to have an agreement where i could spread out the cost over two or three months since i only get paid once a month. That's how i first found Allstate Transmissions because on their website it was advertised that they did financing for repairs. So I called and Bobby was the first person that I spoke to. I told him what the other garages were saying and what they quoted me on price. He said that what they were charging was easily $500-600 too much and that he told me what else could be done with the same amount of money the other places were quoting me on. He paid for my car to be towed to Allstate so long as i did the repairs there and reconfirmed that he would work with me about spreading the cost over two paychecks as opposed to one. What really caught me off guard was Bobby called me after looking at the car and saying that the catalytic converter wasn't the problem at all but rather a computer issue which cost significantly less than replacing the catalytic converter. So with the saved money from the correct diagnosis of the car, I was able to replace a few other things on the vehicle. And just as Bobby had said before, i ended up paying $500-$600 less than what the other places quoted me on. Living in McKinney, I went to Desoto to pick up the car this morning, and drove back to my house without any of the issues that plagued me before seeing Bobby and going to Allstate Transmissions. It was well worth my time and money to go, and I know who I will be seeing for my repairs as well as who I will suggest people see even though I live an hour away. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you Bobby. Your help and treatment of me was first class.

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