Expert Truck Repair and Service Dallas, TX

Do you need a truck repair in and around Dallas? Then call Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair. In business for over 30 years, we have plenty of training and experience for light and mid-duty trucks. We’re transmission rebuild specialists, and a whole lot more.
We’re 100% family owned across generations, with a priority of top-quality work with a personal touch. Our business goal is to build trust and establish life-long customer relationships. Allstate’s diagnostic experts and technicians work to keep your truck running so you’ll have long-lasting dependable transportation without non-stop loan payments. Plus, our mechanic’s experience and expertise means we’ll work efficiently to save you money on maintenance and repairs.
You demand a lot from your truck. Let us make sure it’s always up to the task.

Dallas Truck Repair and Maintenance

Our ASE certified mechanics have extensive experience with pickups and other light duty trucks, as well as box trucks and other medium duty trucks. Our expertise also includes vans and RVs. We’re the trusted local shop for transmission service and transmission repair, brake service, engine repair, and suspension repair.
Once the domain of heavy-duty trucks and luxury import sedans, diesel trucks are growing in popularity for light trucks and related vehicles. And Allstate is ready to provide specialized care for these vehicles. Diesel pickups are especially popular around Dallas, as are diesel RVs and even diesel-powered vans. We’re up to date on all the latest models and factory information, including that from Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and Nissan.
We’re happy to provide regular scheduled maintenance to keep your truck under warranty and to keep it dependable after that.

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Truck Transmission Repair and Service

If you’re experiencing anything unusual during shifting or notice a fluid leak it’s time to pay Allstate, your Dallas truck transmission experts, a visit. We’re a proud member of ATRA, a network of some 2,000 transmission shops located throughout America. As members we’re held to the highest technical and ethical standards.
In order to avoid problems, transmission service should be a part of your regular scheduled maintenance. Besides inspection, testing, and adjustments, service will include a transmission fluid change and sometimes a full transmission flush is called for.
If you suspect a problem, let us take a look at it and make any necessary repairs before you find yourself stranded, maybe with a full load. Prompt attention also avoids further damage leading to much more expensive repair. We’ll check the diagnostic computer codes, test drive, and perform inspection to determine the exact problem.
Modern transmissions are complex, and there are several parts that should be replaced on high-mileage vehicles. So a transmission build is often a better choice over transmission repair. After our diagnosis, we’ll discuss all the pros and cons with you. With a transmission rebuild in our shop we’ll disassemble and thoroughly examine your trans and replace parts as needed before reassembly. We follow best practices and always replace gaskets, seals, clutch plates, and bands. Manufacturers often update parts, so you may end up with a better transmission than your truck originally had.

Gas and Diesel Truck Engine Repairs

Allstate is experienced and well qualified in all types of engine repair, gas or diesel, from minor repairs to timing belts to a full engine rebuild. We always start with a thorough diagnosis to identify the exact problem; there’s no “hunches” replacing things until the problem goes a way when you bring your truck to Allstate.

Truck Brake Services

Your truck’s braking system is, of course, safety-critical. Trucks, as well as RVs and vans, place heavy loads on brakes, so give us a call if you notice anything unusual during braking, including the feel of the pedal. Modern brakes are a complex system of hydraulics and even electronics and computers. Whether drum, disk, or anti-lock brakes, we have the expertise and experience to keep you safe.

Truck Suspension Repairs

Truck suspensions take a beating, and they’re not there just for comfort in the cabin. Suspension problems often cause handling problems, and can even lead to loss of control accidents. In Dallas, Allstate is ready to handle any and all problems — shocks, struts, suspensions, and alignment — whether for light-duty or medium-duty trucks.