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Personalized BMW Service in Dallas

Are you past your free-service period and looking for top-quality BMW maintenance and repair in the Dallas area? Then look no further. We’re Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair, your 100% family owned and operated dealership option. We’ll give you and your vehicles the individual attention they deserve. With 30 years experience we’re the local experts in transmission, suspension, brake, and engine repairs. We also provide regular maintenance to complete our full range of BMW services. BMWs are indeed the ultimate driving experience, but they’re not exactly low maintenance. Let Allstate Transmission and Auto keep your bimmer running at its best and protect your investment.

Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair

BMW dealerships are known for their premium prices. We’re a trusted local independent shop for BMW repair and maintenance that can save you money while providing top-quality services.
The Cabaj family has been satisfying its customers in the same location since 1979, watching other auto shops come and go. We’re in this for the long run to honor our warranties and to keep your car in top condition. Our technicians are ASE trained and certified for German-made models. We’ve specialists in every kind of task to assure your work gets done properly the first time. Allstate has the highest A+ ranking from the Better Organization Bureau. We’re certified, and follow their highest criteria for doing business.

Beyond just running test equipment, our phenomenal technicians know how to inspect your automobile to properly identify the cause of the problem right away. You won’t have to keep coming again and again or pay for unnecessary replacements. Give us a call. Our technicians are passionate about keeping your car reliable and safe.

We Offer The Best Dealer Alternative BMW Service in Dallas Area

Following the recommended BMW maintenance schedule is critical to keep your BMW running its best and to avoid problems down the road. For example, did you know that the E90 3-series is known for EGR thermostat and glow plug issues that can lead to engine problems?
Allstate Transmission & Auto Repair is ready to assist you with routine upkeep such as synthetic oil changes, tune-ups, inspections, and more. Our family has decades of expertise, helping us anticipate problems before they actually happen.

Experienced BMW Transmission Services

Allstate Transmissions is a proud member of ATRA, an association of the nation’s best independent transmission shops. As a member we follow the highest technical and ethical standards. That’s especially significant with the widely varying quality of rebuilt transmissions. Our association means that our warranty covers you throughout the nation. With over 2,000 members we can get you back on the road quickly and keep your vehicle going wherever you might journey with The ATRA Golden Guideline Warranty.
Clutch juddering has been reported in E90 3-series vehicles after as little as 4,000 miles. We’re the local experts in transmissions, so if you’re experiencing unusual sounds, uneven acceleration, hesitation, slow response, shaking, a burning odor, or red-colored liquid leaks, call us for courteous, fast, professional, and affordable BMW transmission service.

Need BMW Brake Service?

Everyone knows the importance of brake safety. That’s why Allstate Transmitting and Vehicle has braking system experts knowledgeable in brake pads, rotors, master cylinders, and more. Ignoring braking sounds can result later in a lot more expensive work, and a “spongy” brake pedal is a major safety problem.
Regular brake service is especially important for BMWs. Brake pads, and sometimes even rotors, need replacing as frequently as every 20,000 miles.

Suspension Repair and Service

The ultimate driving machines feature advanced suspensions for great handling and a smooth ride. Did you know suspensions are also crucial for safety? If you are experiencing handling troubles, you need our suspension experts to make things right. Uncorrected, suspension issues can cause you to loose control on potholes, razor-sharp turns, or heavy breaking. If you own an E39 5-series vehicle, you should be on the lookout for wheel shimmy. This commonly occurs between 80,000 and 100,000 miles and is the result of worn thrust-arm bushings.

BMW Repair in Dallas

Complex electronics are perhaps the most common source of problems for most BMW models. This includes anti-lock brakes, the central computer system, and the navigation system. Allstate Transmission has the latest test devices for diagnosing today’s automotive computer systems and complex electrical systems. Beyond checking the fault and maintenance codes, our technicians have the expertise and experience to turn that data into a proper diagnosis of exactly what’s wrong.
BMW owners should expect major repairs every 50,000 miles or so. You can also expect various minor repairs, particularly in the electrical system and accessories along the way. We know what to look out for in each series and year to anticipate and minimize those problems.
So give us a call. Our experienced experts take pride in their work and customer service to make your BMW experience complete.[ssba]