Honda Repair and Service Dallas, Texas


If you’re looking for affordable top-quality Honda repairs or Honda service in the Dallas area, you’ve found it. We’re Allstate Transmissions and Auto Repair, a 100% family owned and operated independent automotive service company.
Honda cars and trucks are known for their dependability, but nothing is perfect. Let us keep your vehicle running properly for many years to come.

Allstate Transmissions and Auto Repair

In business for over 30 years, we’ve grown our company one customer at a time with personal attention and a job done right the first time. From oil changes and tune ups to major rebuilds and repairs, Allstate Transmissions gets results to earn and keep your business. We have the best rating (A+ Accredited Company) with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve watched other Dallas repair shops come and go. We’re here to stay, and stand behind our warranties.

Scheduled Honda Maintenance

Do you need factory scheduled Honda maintenance¬† in Dallas area? Our shop can save you money and time. Honda vehicles are known for their reliability, but that’s no reason to neglect maintenance. Regular service extends the lifetime of your auto and avoids unnecessary expensive repairs. For example, specific to Honda Civics, replacing the timing belt at the proper intervals is especially important in avoiding extensive (and expensive) engine damage. We’re proud to deliver top-quality maintenance services at below dealership costs.

Honda Transmission Services

With their long lifetimes, it shouldn’t be surprising that transmission problems aren’t uncommon for Honda vehicles. This is particularly true for Accords and 2001 Civic models. Frequently reported symptoms include delayed acceleration, momentary dips in power, and stalling during start-up.
We’re transmission specialists. Whether it’s a straightforward adjustment or major rebuild, we’re the professionals in the Dallas area. If you’re experiencing any of the following, give us a call: strange noises, leaking red fluid, uneven acceleration or shaking, sluggish response, or a burning smell. Affordable transmission repair requires an accurate diagnosis, and that requires experience and the proper equipment. Transmissions have been our key specialty since 1979.


The proper transmission fluid is extremely important in a Honda. If the wrong fluid is installed the transmission will not work properly and it will result in complete failure of the transmission. In other words you will be needing a tow truck to get you off the side of the road.

We’re a proud member of ATRA, an organization of some 2,000 of the best independent transmission service shops in the United States. That’s very important for rebuilt transmissions, where good quality is definitely an pressing issue. Members hold themselves to the highest ethical and technical standards, and guarantee each other’s work. If you’re traveling and we do work on your transmission, your home-town ATRA member stands ready to take care of you.

Honda Brake Service

Premature break wear is another common problem for Hondas, particularly for the Accord. If the pads aren’t replaced soon enough this can cause damage resulting in much more expensive break repairs. Civic owners also report other problems such as vibration during braking.
The brake specialists at Allstate are experts in what to look for and experienced in repair and maintenance of the entire braking system. Our 30-point examination includes brake safety, and we can take care of replacing pads, drums, rotors, the master cylinder, and all the components of power-assist braking systems. In the event that you experience anything unusual when you apply the brakes, give us a call immediately for safety’s sake and to avoid more expensive repairs later.

Honda Suspension Repair and Services

Sometimes a Honda car will exhibit premature tire wear on the back wheels due to rear control-arm problems. We’re also experienced experts on suspension systems. A suspension in need of restoration affects handling, and can lead to loss of control of your vehicle on abrupt braking, sharp turns, or potholes. Few general auto repair shops are appropriately equipped and also have the experience to fully manage suspension challenges. We’re the professional, dependable team in the greater Dallas area.

Other Honda Repairs

Various years and models are known to experience exhaust manifold cracks. Although this may not present you with any particular symptoms, it’s important to watch out for this to keep your vehicle performing at its best. People have also reported engine-block cracks in the 2006 Civic, typically as the vehicle approaches 100,000 miles. Also, 2001 through 2004 Civics have a know problem with the heating and air conditioning blower. While some shops may solve this with an entirely new control unit, we know it’s possible to just solder in a new “thermal fuse.”
As a full-service shop, Allstate Transmissions and Auto Repair is ready to handle these and any other Honda repairs you may need in the Dallas area to assure a long lifetime for your vehicles.
Today’s autos have complex computer systems and electrical techniques. We have the latest test and diagnostic equipment. Unlike some repair shops, we don’t keep replacing things until the symptoms go away. Allstate offers all of the skills and equipment necessary to handle all your Honda repair needs. We’re also experienced in Honda maintenance such as a tune up or an oil change.
If your check-motor light comes on, just drop by and we’ll scan it… free of charge.
Honda automobiles are among the most reliable vehicles around, provided you keep them maintained and don’t ignore needed repairs. Call us to keep your Honda running at its best.