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Are you looking for an independent repair shop in Dallas area for your Mercedes? One that combines technical excellence with personal and courteous customer service? In Dallas that’s Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair, your one-stop Mercedes repair and service shop. We’re ready for everything from routine brake service to a complete transmission rebuild.
European vehicles require more attention, but you’re rewarded with luxury, quality, and performance. Our diagnostics and repair experts match that experience with convenient, prompt, and friendly service. Whether transmission repair or engine repair we know exactly what to attend to in the many Mercedes models to avoid serious problems and keep your vehicle at its best, comfortable, dependable, and safe.

Mercedes Transmission Service and Transmission Repair Specialists in Dallas

As the owner of a luxury vehicle you know not to put up with “good enough.” When it comes to transmissions it’s important to have any unusual shifting looked after right away. Our diagnostics experts will identify the problem, if any, and take all the steps to avoid major damage that could require a transmission rebuild.
As your Mercedes ages, or if it hasn’t been properly maintained, you may find yourself in “limp home mode.” The Electronic Transmission Control (ETC) module has detected a problem and won’t allow shifting in order to avoid major damage. That’s often just a sensor failure, calling for a straightforward transmission repair. Or it could require a complete transmission rebuild. Our decades-long reputation demonstrates that you can trust is to make an honest appraisal.
Mercedes uses some ten types of transmissions: three-speed (722.0), four-speed (722.1, 722.2, 722.3, 722.4), five-speed overdrive (722.5), six-speed overdrive (722.6), and seven-speed overdrive (722.9). The 722.6 is the most common, and you need to have up to date information regarding its maintenance. Introduced as “sealed for life,” Mercedes now recommends transmission service, including fluid and filter change, every 40,000 miles.
We keep up to date on factory information, and know what to keep an eye out for such as fluid leaks around an electrical connector, hard shifting, and a clunking noise. In particular, 2006 through 2014 E350 Series vehicles with seven-speed transmissions are known to have a specific problem leading to rough shifting. The solution is replacing an internal component with an updated part. Allstate always uses fluids and parts on Mercedes’ approved list.
In extreme cases you’ll need a transmission rebuild, our specialty. That’s not cutting corners. Even at a dealership a replacement transmission is a factory rebuild, not a totally new transmission.

Expert Mercedes Benz Repair Services in Dallas

We’re diagnostics experts, with the skill and experience to interpret test-equipment readouts and then determine the exact cause of the problem. Turn to Allstate for professional auto repair, including brake service and engine repair, at prices you’ll like.
[blockquote author=””]┬áDo you know what’s the most common “check engine light” issue for Mercedes vehicles? A failed mass airflow sensor. [/blockquote]

Mercedes Brake Service

You can rest easy knowing that Mercedes vehicles don’t commonly suffer from brake problems. But, like all makes, they do require regular service and maintenance. Don’t count on the brake dashboard light — give us a call regularly scheduled brake service, and drop by immediately if you experience anything unusual during braking in or around Dallas. Safety first!

Mercedes Engine Repair

We stay up to date on Mercedes engine repair issues. Here are a few examples Do you notice a rattling sound on starting? That’s probably a worn belt tensioner. Is your vehicle overheating? That’s usually a pulley or water pump issue, not a radiator problem. If you have a C-Series vehicle manufactured from 2009 through 2011 we’ll be on the lookout for fuel leaks and power steering fluid leaks, and remember that a leading reason for limp-home-mode is a faulty air hose.

Other Mercedes Auto Repair Issues

As with just about any modern modern vehicle, electrical problems aren’t uncommon, and we have the skills and experience to take care of them. Once again, here are a few examples. We’ll be on the lookout for alternator and accessory wiring issues, especially on second-generation E-Class vehicles. If your C-Series vehicle was made in 2007 we’ll know to check the crankshaft sensor if there’s an engine failure.
For the utmost in comfort, Mercedes uses advanced suspension systems, which can have some unique problems. For the C Series, an Active Body Control (ABC) acceleration sensor sometimes fails, leading to stability issues. The ABC system is also known to sometimes have fluid leaks for SL500 Series vehicles manufactured from 2002 through 2006. Rear air springs are prone to leaking in E500 vehicles made from 2003 through 2006, and front air suspension in 2006 through 2012 GL Class vehicles.


Mercedes Benz manufactures simply amazing vehicles. We’ve mentioned some specific problems not to alarm you but to show the sorts of things we know to have on our watch list. With proper maintenance and professional repairs you’ll enjoy a fantastic and reliable luxury vehicle. In Dallas you can count on Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair to give you and your vehicle the attention they deserve.

Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair

We’ve become a tradition, a leading Dallas dealership alternative since 1979. That’s over 35 years at the same location as a family owned and operated business. Our transmission repair service and engine repair services are second to none.
Bill Cabaj, our Operations Manager and the son of our founder, recognizes how we’ve grown one satisfied customer at a time: jobs done right the first time with the absolute best in personal customer service. Of course we have the latest equipment, but combine it with superb technicians who can run diagnostics, perform an inspection, and go straight to problem. That means no unnecessary replacements and no coming back because the problem wasn’t actually fixed. For your convenience we have a night and early-morning drop-off box, and are happy to give you a ride back to the office or your home during our business hours.
Our Mercedes specialists are highly trained and ASE certified. We’re a member of ATRA, an association of the top transmission repair shops in the United States. As members we’re held to the highest technical and ethical standards; you can count on us for the best in transmission service. All ATRA members honor one another’s warranty. That means you’re covered outside of Dallas by some 2,000 independent specialist shops throughout the country, but not some big company chain.