Toyota Repair and Service

Toyota Repair and Maintenance in Dallas, TX

Does your Toyota need repairs? Or is it just time for an oil change or other regular maintenance? Give Allstate Transmissions and Auto Repair a call. With over 30 years in business at the same location, we’re the top-choice in the Dallas area. We deliver top-quality Toyota services at below dealership prices.
We’re the local transmission, brake, and suspension gurus –the dealership alternative you can trust for maintenance and repairs. We’re a 100% family owned and operated company that always puts you first.
Toyota cars are super reliable, but they still need regular maintenance and repair to assure a long lifetime and maximum performance.
Give us a call. Here’s a few examples of how we can help.

Sticking Gas Pedal

There’s been a lot in the news about sticking gas pedals in Toyota autos causing uncontrolled acceleration. Especially for Camry and Corolla models. That should have been addressed in a recall, but if you should experienced unexpected acceleration avoid driving your vehicle until this dangerous situation is corrected.
At Allstate Transmissions we’re ready to inspect and clean linkages and the throttle itself, check the pedal for debris, and perform a host of safety checks on your vehicle.

Toyota Transmission Repair

Are you searching for an affordable and honest transmission shop in the Dallas area? Transmission service can range between an inexpensive adjustment on up to replacement with a new transmission costing thousands of dollars. So you’ll want a automotive shop with specialized skills you can trust. We have been providing phenomenal diagnosis, repair, and replacement services to the community since 1979.
The Toyota Prius hybrid is a special case with a unique CVT (constant-velocity transmission). The earlier year models have experienced problems, including shuddering when accelerating from a stop. It’s especially important to service these Toyota transmissions every 30,000 miles. If there’s a problem, a dealership will most likely want to replace the whole transmission.

Allstate can make repairs at far, far lower cost. Newer Prius vehicles have a second-generation transmission that is more robust, but regular service is still important.
If your check engine light comes on, it could also be a transmission problem. Just drop by and we’ll check it out free of charge.

Toyota Brake Service

If your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor, that’s clearly a problem you should take care of immediately. Everyone knows the significance of brakes for driving safety. In the event that you hear screeching, call us right away. Acting promptly not merely keeps you safe, but can also avoid more expensive repairs that might come about after even a few days of driving. Your braking system is a core part of our 30-step inspection. Allstate is your natural choice for brake service around Dallas.

Other Toyota Repair Issues

One of the few common irritations with Toyotas is the steering wheel lock. If your car is needing more and more jiggling to turn the ignition key, it’s time to take care of that before you find yourself stuck somewhere. That might entail only a quick lubrication with graphite, or a fairly straightforward replacement of the ignition lock cylinder.

Allstate Suspension Specialists

You car’s suspension is there be for more reasons than just a comfortable ride. And today it’s more complicated than just springs and shocks. A bad suspension can cause inadequate handling on rough roads, sharp turns, or hard braking. That may make it challenging to maintain control and could lead to a major accident. We’re experienced authorities in suspension inspection, testing, and repair.