Chevrolet Repair and Service Dallas, Texas

Dallas Chevrolet Service and Repairs

Are you looking for a lower-cost alternative to the dealership for repairs on your Chevy? But still want top-quality technical work and customer service?
In the Dallas area that’s Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair. In addition to transmission repair, we deliver expert transmission service and a transmission rebuild service. We’re experienced diagnostic professionals, able to go straight to the root cause of just about any engine repair issue. Allstate is also the trusted local shop for all-important brake service.

Allstate Transmission and Auto Repair

We’ve been in business for over 30 years in the same Dallas location. A true family business, we’re 100% family owned across generations.
We’re ASE certified technicians, and guarantee all our work. For transmission repairs and rebuilds we’re ATRA members, held to the highest standards. Our membership also means that your warranty can be fulfilled at any of over 2000 locations all across the United States. Your local experts in general auto repair, we offer an easy payment plan.
At Allstate we take our work very seriously and stay up to date on factory, including common Chevy problems. Unlike dealerships and major service chains, you’ll enjoy personalized attention at our repair shop.

Chevy Repair Services

In addition to transmission service, we’re diagnostic and engine repair experts. You probably love your Chevrolet vehicle, but there are a few common issues to keep on the lookout for. Several models are known to have problems with the intake manifold gasket, causing a leak in the cooling system that results in overheating and poor performance. Electrical problems are also reported, but fortunately they mostly involve interior and instrument lighting.

TIP: Many Chevrolet autos have inaccurate fuel gauges, so people are more likely to continue driving when the gas tank is very low. Sludge from the bottom of the tank can get sucked in and clog the fuel filter, reducing performance and even damaging the fuel pump. Fill up before the gauge gets really low, and be sure to have regular scheduled maintenance.

Chevy Diagnostics

Our experienced technicians go way beyond checking the car computer readout code and jumping to an auto repair. Besides the latest diagnostic equipment our training and experience means we can go straight to the root of your engine repair or other problems. If you’re vehicle has several issues, we can prioritize repairs so that you won’t necessarily have to take care of everything at once.
If your Chevy’s check engine light comes on in the Dallas area, just drop by our shop. It could merely mean that it’s time for scheduled maintenance, that there’s a problem affecting performance or fuel economy, or that a problem requiring repair is imminent.

Engine Repairs

Today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are complex. Whatever engine repair or auto repair you might need, we’re up to the task. Our experience and training includes air conditioning, belts and hoses, the cooling system, electrical and computer systems (including battery, alternator, and starter motor), emission control, fuel pumps, and timing belts. We’re also experts in alignment and suspensions.

Brake Services

Your brakes are actually a complex system, involving a lot more than just pads and rotors or drums. There’s also hydraulic components (including the master cylinder and brake cylinders) and nowadays even electronic sensors. For Chevys, the anti-lock braking sensors are a known concern.
Your brakes are obviously critical to your own safety as well as that of others. Be sure to have regular inspections and maintenance, and come see us for brake service if during braking you notice any unusual sounds or vibration. If the brake pedal feels different, or there’s an odor near the wheels after heavy braking, that’s an emergency situation which should be corrected immediately.

Dallas Chevy Transmission Experts

Unlike several makes, Chevy transmissions are usually trouble-free. But regular transmission service is always a good idea, and transmission repair will be needed sooner or later. If you keep your vehicle long enough, you’ll eventually need a transmission rebuild. Allstate is the Dallas area independent expert for all facets of transmission repair and maintenance. We stay up to date on both automatic and manual transmissions.
If you suspect a problem, don’t neglect getting it looked at. A minor problem can quickly develop into something that leaves you stranded on the highway far from home, or even cause and accident.

Transmission Service

Just like an oil change, you need regular transmission fluid changes and inspections to keep your vehicle reliable and to avoid repair costs. That’s usually every 24,000 miles or twice a year, but varies with the vehicle. Sometimes a fluid flush is in order to completely replace all of the transmission fluid. This regular maintenance will keep your vehicle reliable and avoid a costly transmission rebuild.

Transmission Repairs

If you notice problems during shifting, uneven acceleration, or a fluid leak it’s time to pay us a visit. We’re the Dallas experts for Chevy transmissions.
If you notice a fluid leak that’s brown or black rather than the clear reddish color of fresh fluid, it’s likely you have more problems than just a leak. Our transmission specialists will run a computer scan, do a road test, and perform a detailed inspection. If it’s just one or a couple of components that have failed,. a transmission repair is your best option.

Chevy Transmission Rebuild

For older vehicles or transmissions with multiple problems a transmission rebuild may be in order. Did you know that there’s actually no such thing as a new transmission replacement? Even if the work is done at a dealership, you’ll be getting a re-manufactured transmission. The only difference with a rebuild (sometimes called refurbished, reconditioned, or overhauled) is that the rebuilding is done at a local shop. It’s a major expense, so you want to make sure it’s done by true experts, such as an ATRA member like Allstate here in Dallas. With our highly skilled and experienced re-builders and improved replacement parts you can actually end up with a higher quality transmission than your Chevy’s originally had!