All State Transmissions & Auto Repair

Auto Electrical Repairs

Things that used to be completely independent of a cars electrical system, such as the transmission, brakes, and odometer are now all wired together and part of the on-board computer system.  So what you might think is a mechanical problem may actually be an electrical problem.  That could be something as simple as a blown

Do You Have Towing Coverage?

Your car won’t start and you don’t know why? Are you stuck in the mud or snow? Don’t get caught in this situation, without knowing whether or not your auto insurance policy covers towing. Having a vehicle towed can literally cost you hundreds of dollars. Towing and Labor Coverage When you are considering an auto

Never Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Do you have a check engine light that has been staring at you every time you start your car? It is never a good idea to continually ignore it. The check engine indicator is meant to alert you that your engine requires attention. With a check engine light on it will be impossible to get

Driving in the Rain

Brace yourself, El Nino is set to develop and is going to impact Texas soon. The weather and climate pattern is foretasted give Texas winter wetter days than average. Slippery roads are prone to accident if we do not prepare ourselves and our vehicles well beforehand. Even the high end Audi, or BMW our shop